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  • With the recalls on many food products and the inhumane treatment of farm animals that are processed for food, more and more families are turning to small backyard farms to create their own sustainable food supply. There are many resources out there to help them on their journey into sustainable living. Check out the helpful tips and articles on our sister site Landavi Farms or follow the below link to interesting blogs: Or informational articles from many varied sources found on their--Landavi's site--here The goal is to share information in support on sustainable living ideas and healthy and productive farming techniques.

  • This is a great site to begin your journey as a freelancer. You simply need to create an account for a small membership fee and they will match you with just the right employer. The easily navigable home page can take you through the steps of refining in pin-pointing your unique skills that you can share with employers.

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    Dedicated to our novice love of sports. This category will truly display the novice view of our favorite sports.

  • Learn from our experiences gardening and put it to work for you in your garden. That way maybe you can avoid making the same mistakes that we did.

  • Education issues that mean alot to us and are linked to our families will be explored here. It may be information from our experience or from other sources.